Hi.  I’m Sheila Cosgrove.

For many years, I was climbing the career ladder, looking for my next move.  I had fantastic bosses and great teams to lead and work with.  I was given opportunities to learn and grow.  And I was doing well – until one day I wasn’t.  I had plateaued, and couldn’t seem to make the leap and become a leader at the next level.  It was frustrating and sad and I lost my motivation. 

And then, I got a coach.


Looking back, the transformation came in small ways.  I became a better communicator.  I began to quickly turn strategies into action, and action into results.  I improved my executive presence and built my ‘personal brand’ that showed my value to people inside and outside my organization.  I was able to thoughtfully articulate what I wanted for my career and pursued it with success. 


It was all because of coaching.


Soon after I began working with my coach I started mentoring and coaching others more formally.  I was thrilled to see the people I was helping also find their ‘best self’ and grow their careers by leap and bounds.  I had achieved my goals and found a purpose in serving and inspiring others. That’s when I truly understood the power of coaching.  I had found my purpose.


Enough about me…what about you?


What do you want next for your career?  What motivates you?  What is your plan for increasing your impact, and getting known for what you bring to the table?  How do you want to grow as a leader? How will you achieve your goals, and inspire those around you?  What are you doing to make that happen?


Your life is defined by the gap between what you want and the actions you take to get there.


Coaching can help you close that gap.


I’d love to hear from you. 




Sheila Cosgrove

Certified Master Coach

Member, International Coach Federation

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